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Be a lifelong learner with these educational apps

Apps are revolutionizing every aspect of modern life, including everyday education. Schools are implementing new technology, including some of the apps listed below, in their…

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Internet Product Marketing
Web Site Design
Web Site Reformat
Adobe Acrobat Connect Enterprise Communications
E-mail Systems
Consultant Support
Active Web
Adobe Acrobat Connect Enterprise Communications
Official Adobe Solution Partner
Business Internet Marketing
BIM was a project initiated by Thatcher Drew and Phil Price in 2001. We leave this site up for reference. This ground-breaking virtual team still works together from time-to-time.Thatcher Drew is a leading digital strategist and project manager operating at the junction of IT and marketing. You can see his current work at linkedinConsumerSearch.comwas sold to the New York Times in 2007.
Important Projects
ADP Site Reformat & Marketing Information System ADP Site Reformat & Marketing Information System
Re-architect home page & global navigation for a $9 billion dollar company. Build intranet for storing and retrieving corporate-wide marketing assets.
Access Group Complete Reformat & Redesign Access Group Multi-Year Reformat, & Redesign 
Re-architect major financial services web site including complete user experience analysis, internal functional review, web design, and front-end programming.
SunGard Direct Marketing SunGard Direct Marketing 
Combination e-mail outreach and product-focused mini web site drive traffic to SunGard at the Sibos trade show. See the flashad.
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